Price List 2020

Ullswater Swim Place 2020 Price List For Open Water Swims, Guiding, and Endless Pool Coaching.

The full price list of all of our swims is listed below.

For swims that can be booked online there are various options at the checkout to add on extras such as additional swimmers, video analysis, or bundle deals.

Endless Pool Sessions

  • 1 hour, One person , £65
  • 1 hour , Two people, £100
  • Bundle of 3 sessions, (Select upgrade to 3 swims at the checkout), £180  
  • Bundle of 5 sessions, (Select upgrade to 2 swims at the checkout), £295   
  • Post swim video debrief (30 mins), 1 person (recommended for 1st session), £35 , Select upgrade on session checkout

Combo Endless Pool + Open Water  
  • One person, £120 
Open water swim coaching

  • One person, £65
  • Two people, £100  
Open Water Swim Sessions (These three sessions are booked via Another Place Hotel)
Length of Lake Swim*

  • One-Way Swim, One person, £300, each additional person (max 4 total swimmers) £40pp  
  • Two-Way Swim, One person, £400, Select date for one-way swim then upgrade at checkout; each additional person (max 4 total swimmers), £40pp  
*a support person must be provided by the swimmer, or USP can provide a support person @ £100 (One Way & £180 Two Way).