Endless Pool Swim Technique Video Analysis

Ullswater Swim Place offers world class Endless Pool facilities for live feedback video swim analysis.

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Coaching And Guided Swims

Endless Pool Video Coaching

Fitted with underwater and overhead cameras, underwater mirror - TV monitor for instant feedback while you are in the pool, replaying your stroke from different angles from above and below the water.  This your chance to review your stroke like never before along with expert coaches Colin & Salka who will give you feedback and look at ways to make your stroke more efficient.

Swim against a flume with a coach on pool side giving you feedback and showing you on the monitor. Perfect for improving any level of swimmers technique

This will benefit:

  • Helping swimmers achieve their open water swim goals by improving energy efficiency in the water
  • Club swimmers looking for a stroke MOT

Sessions available:

  • 1:1 coaching for one hour with video feedback
  • Two swimmers in the water for one hour (taking turns to swim, while the other swimmer watches from the side of the pool)
  • One hour session along with voice over videos looking at your swimming which will be sent to you following your session.
Swim Shop is located next to the Endless Pool for all your swimming kit needs!

Special offer for booking 3 sessions at check out (with Colin Hill).