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Ullswater Swim Shop is situated next to our Endless Pool on the shores of Ullswater.  Stocked with everything you need for indoor or outdoor swimming:

  • C-Skins Wetsuits - Adult & Junior
  • C-Skins Gloves & boots
  • Swim Secure Dry Bags & Tow Floats
  • Robie Robe - Changing Robes
  • Ullswater Swim Place Merchandise (T-Shirts, Swim Hats & Changing robes
  • Kate Rew - Outdoor Swimming Handbook
  • Suzanna Cruckshaw Wild Swim Lake District Booking
  • Arena Swimwear
  • Arena Goggles
  • Arena training equipment 
  • Bulldog Surf dry bags
  • Water Bottles with swim sessions 
  • Nancy Farmer's wild swimming cards
and much more...

Opening Times:  Open most days and in between swim coaching sessions. You can email us if you are coming specifically for the shop.