Our Coaching And Guided Swims

Ullswater Swim Place offers coaching and guided swims from the shores of Ullswater based at Another Place Hotel.

Ullswater Swims Place offers:

  • Endless Pool - Swim against a flume with underwater and overhead cameras and TV monitor to show you feedback during your swim session.  Perfect for improving any level of swimmers technique. 
  • Introduction To Open Water Swimming - A small group session to introduce you to safe open water swimming. Our coach will be in the water with you. A great session for beginners looking to start open water swimming.
  • Cross Lake Swims (800m & 1 mile) - our boat will guide you across the lake - medal for each swimmer.   We offer a crossing for freestyle swimmers and one for breaststroke swimmers enjoying the view.
  • Coaching (1 hour) - Beginners will have the coach in the water with you, those wishing to improve stroke technique will have boat support and coaching as you swim in the open water.   
  • Wild Swim (2 hour) - Amazing for individuals, groups or families - meeting at Another Place Hotel, wetsuits will be provided.  Boat ride up the lake to Kailpot where we will walk and swim (with a few rocks to jump in off at the end of the session.  Great mini adventure.
  • Winter Swimming Nov - March (30 mins max in water) - our cold water swim expert will give advice and guide you into the cold water.  No experience needed!  . 
  • Full Moon Swims - illuminated tow-floats and glow sticks provided to take to the water on the full moon.  It may be hit or miss if we see the moon through the clouds, but swimming in the lake in the dark is a 'must do' experience.
  • Length of lake guided swims - solo, group or relay swims down the 7 mile length of Ullswater (one or two-way).  Trophy & live tracking for every swimmer.
All sessions include the support of an experienced and qualified coach, who will either be in the water with you or on a support boat during the open water swims.  Ullswater Swim Place clients have access to hot showers, changing facilities, use wetsuits and a high visibility, inflated tow-float for use during their session.

Ullswater Cross Lake Swim

Introduction to Open Water Swimming

Length of Ullswater Swims

Open Water Swim Coaching

Wild Swimming - Kailpot Adventure, Ullswater

Winter Swims