Length of Ullswater Swims

Ullswater Swim Place's guide (Colin Hill) has successfully guided over 100 solo & group swimmers

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Coaching And Guided Swims

Ullswater (7 miles)

Ullswater should be in every long distance swimmers 'must do' list, one of the lesser swum lakes in the Lake District, this really is classic swim for every serious long distance swimmer.

We offer swims suited around you, we pick the best start time and direction based on the weather, or guides live in the Lake District and know about long distance swimming. 

Our service includes:

  • Colin Hill Swims’ Rib Boat & experienced pilot
  • Commemorative trophy
  • Changing room and shower post swim

Support Person

As well as your experienced pilot for your swim, an additional support person is essential for your swim to provide your feeds etc, and you can either bring your own support crew (max 2 people for a solo swimmer) or we can provide you with an observer to monitor your stroke rate, manager your feeds etc for an additional fee (£100 per one-way swim & £180 for two-way swim).  Please let us know via email after you have booked your swim if you require a support person.

Swim dates and times

We operate guided swims between May and October when the water temperature is typically between 14 and 18 degrees. The warmest water in the last 2 years has been July, but this by no means is guaranteed! Our swims start at 6 or 7am when the lake is at its quietest enabling the swimmer to make good progress before the commercial ferries begin operating and other motorised vessels operate.

Assessment swims for channel swimming

We have signed several channel swim assessment forms.   Please check requirements with your CS & PF and CSA channel swimming provider and we will operate the swim to your requirements.

Group & relay swims

It is possible to have more than one swimmer guided (up to groups of 3), and you can book this at the exit point of the entry system. Swimmers should either be the same pace (swimmers must stay together for the entire swim) or form a relay team.  For swimmers of different paces we recommend booking individual swims (you want to fully enjoy your swim).

Is there a time limit?

There is no time limit within which to complete your swim. Typically swimmers complete the one-way length of Ullswater in 3 to 6 hours . However, for safety reasons of the pilot and swimmer, (if the swimmer is expected to take greater than 14 hours on a two way swim, an additional boat pilot will be required - details of this will be provided if required as this will incur an additional cost).

Contingency days

If the forecast is looking bad we will contact you in the week prior to your swim to discuss options. Please train in all weathers, as it will only be if there are sustained high winds that we are unable to operate on your booked day. Rain doesn't stop a swim, the crew just get soggy too!


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How to book your swim

Check our booking system now to check what days we have left for the 2024 season!   You can email us if you can't see any dates available. 

Medical certification

A swim of this nature can place a great deal of stress on the body, and all swimmers are required to undergo a medical examination prior to their swim.  Anyone taking part without a medical does so at their own risk.