Introduction to Open Water Swimming

Small group introduction to open water swimming

Coaching And Guided Swims
Group size: Between 1 & 5 swimmers.

Minimum age: 11 with parent.

Session length: 45 mins in water.

Requirements: Must be able to swim at least 100 metres non-stop.

This session is tailor-made for those swimmers who would like some guidance and top tips in swimming outdoors. Our expert guide will talk you through the equipment you need (wetsuits, swim hats, and tow-float is provided as part of your booking fee), before heading down to the lake for approx 45 minute session in the water. You’ll find out about acclimatisation, how to navigate yourself in the open water and some safety advice for swimming outdoors. A perfect way to gain confidence in the open water.

Your swim guide will be in the water with you as you still within the bay area. A must for those wishing to start open water swimming or gain some expert advice.