Winter Swims

Learn about winter swimming, ice swimming & cold water swimming

Coaching And Guided Swims

Season: Winter
Duration: 30 - 45 minutes

During the lesson you will:

Experience the joy of swimming in the lake during the winter. Cold water swimming specialist, Colin Hill (first male UK Ice Mile and competed in several Ice & Winter Swimming World Championships), will be your guide in the water with you. Approximately 15 – 40 mins in the water. The session will take place in the bay in front of the hotel and will include acclimatisation to cold water and tips for cold water swimming.  Learn how to swim safely in cold water year round. 


You will need a swimming costume, we will provide wetsuits (if needed) and tow-floats. Your adventure will start and finish at the private jetty of Another Place The Lake.

Group: From 1 to 5 people. Children 13 years and over. Children age 14-17 years need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Suitable for total beginner and experienced swimmers.

Full moon and starlight swims:

Experience the serenity of swimming in the inky darkness under the stars.  Each swimmer will receive a tow-float with light inside and a guide to take you out into the lake at night.  As a group will will take to the water for this leisurely swim in the dark, whatever the weather.  Hopefully the moon will shine through.  The time of session depends on the best time for the moon over the lake.  Sessions are booked via Another Place Hotel.  PLEASE CALL ANOTHER PLACE HOTEL TO BOOK ON: 01768 486 442

Top tips for winter swimming