Weekly Open Water Training Sessions

Want to improve your long distance swimming? Join the USP weekly coached OWS group sessions.

Coaching And Guided Swims
Weekly Open Water Swimming Sessions - every Tuesday night (starting June 2023).  

Sessions are for open water swimming fitness for those wanting to improve their endurance & fitness for longer swims.  

Based at Another Place Hotel Arrive 6pm - pay at Swim Shop - start time before 6:30 till around 7:15pm - Changing rooms available and use of wetsuit if needed.  

Ideal for club swimmers and regular swimmers wanting to improve their long distance swimming.  Sessions will vary week to week and will be £5 per session (cash) - payable on the night.  Wetsuits optional, but tow-floats compulsory (these can be provided).  Bring your poolside kit if you have any (paddles etc) and bungie stretch cords for warm up).  Water safety provided. 

Coached by Colin Hill (Inducted into International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame,  Solo English Channel 10 hrs 30 mins, former Triathlon Age Group Champion, Age Group International Winter Swimming World Champions 450m & first UK male Ice mile swim)